With hundreds of live stream events, you’ve got the world at your fingertips — from the comfort of home.

“Where will you choose to go today?”

The Coronavirus pandemic may have us sheltering-in-place, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop exploring. Through Zeitcaster’s extensive list of live stream events, you can take in a performance by the New York Philharmonic, get your groove on in a Zumba class from Boulder, CO, and learn to crochet from a grandmother in London — all in one day!

The potential has never been greater to make our world your own. 

Here’s how Zeitcaster helps you do just that:


Search our ever-growing list of live stream events from all over the world — from bedtime stories for your child, a meditation class for your parents, or a concert for you and your partner to enjoy. Who knows, you may be drawn to interests you’ve held for years or inspired to try something completely new!


Join in on the live stream events that appeal to you most, and revel in the special feeling of gathering live with others, whether they’re located in your own town or clear across the globe. No matter where the live stream is taking place, you’ll always see the info you need for your particular time zone.


With all of these options at the click of a button, the chances are great you’ll uncover events and activities you may not otherwise have known you love. What other interests might you have, just waiting to be revealed? We’ll keep adding events so you can keep exploring — and discovering!

Redefining community in this time of social distancing

COVID-19 may be keeping us farther apart these days, but that doesn’t quell our need for human connection. One way to satisfy that connection is to redefine what community means to us in new ways.

Whether it’s through religious or spiritual events, support groups, or a good old-fashioned jam session, live stream events provide the perfect opportunity to gather with others and enjoy the magic of being together — all from the safety and comfort of home.


Our events are curated by real people — and we’re looking to hire more

Unlike many event sites that have computers that scrape the web, we employ real people to curate our list of events and we pay them a living wage.

We believe that’s why each of our listings are high-quality, accurate, and provide the details you need to take part in an event, hassle-free.

Interested in joining our team?

We’re always looking for more events editors to help us find events and list events — and create the most comprehensive live stream events site on the web.