Leverage our event data expertise for your organization

We do event data like no one else

We keep it simple.

Our event data is clean and to the point, displaying only relevant details that make searching the database simple and planning based on the events and activities that turn up even easier.

We are meticulously accurate.

We don’t rely on bots. Our Zeditors are real people curating the most up-to-date information about events in communities they love.


We’re built for the present and the future.

Our API is built with flexibility in mind, letting our partners like you work with our data in innovative ways, personalizing it for your audience.

Simply put:

We’re singularly focused on helping people find events and communities around them. How can we work together to enhance your business’ specialty?


At Zeitcaster, we partner with businesses who want to:

Leverage our platform to more widely market your events

We offer opportunities for businesses who want to contribute event data to Zeitcaster, leveraging our app to spread the word about your events to our users. From libraries to community centers and support groups to educational institutions — and many, many, more — we aim to give underserved industries an opportunity to make your events more easily discoverable for the individuals and families you want showing up and participating.

Better serve your audience with reliable and robust event data

You have a need for local event data to enhance how you serve your audience — we have the solution. We partner with businesses to capitalize on our data while customizing our flexible API to your needs. We’ll work together to determine your search criteria, then feed it into your website, location-aware application, print publication, digital consoles, augmented reality devices…the possibilities are endless. Our geographical information and advanced search functions make it easy to generate results that apply specifically to your audience and how you’re serving them, and our API can be matched to seamlessly integrate with your platform.

Together, we can harness the power of technology to bring more attention to the events and activities that make our communities better places to live

Get in touch today to start the conversation. We’ll lead you through a test drive of Zeitcaster, and help you build a better future, together.