When’s the last time planning felt easy?

  • It’s a rainy day — our go-to park isn’t an option.
  • We have a spontaneous night on the town, sans kids!
  • My mother-in-law decided to make a last-minute visit…
  • We’re headed to a new place and have no clue where to find the best insider information.

It was these situations — and more — that led to the creation of Zeitcaster: A location-based library of events for all ages and interests, tailored to what you need right now.


At Zeitcaster, our mission is simple: We help people connect to the events and communities surrounding them.

Whether you’re getting tired of doing the same old activities on repeat, or you’re thrown into an unexpected situation, we built Zeitcaster for the planner who loves to be in-the-know, is curious about new experiences, tends to plan for several friends and family members…and has little time to bring it all together.

Let’s face it: Traditional ways of getting local event data are going out of business

Newspapers, magazines, and event brochures are disappearing…and when they can be found, it’s up to you to comb through piles of them to find the information you need.

As we sought to find events for our own children, spouses, and aging family members — we embarked upon building a better option.


Enter Zeitcaster: Unbiased, accurate, diverse event information

Our aim is to do one thing and do it really, really well. In the case of the Zeitcaster app, that’s curating comprehensive event data for local communities. In the curation and publishing of that data, you’ll find:

While many sites display events based on advertising dollars and algorithms, Zeitcaster returns transparent information based solely on your search queries, so you can make the final decision about how you’d like to spend your time.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our data, entered by real people who know and love the communities and the types of events they’re inputting. Each event is tagged with geographical information so you can discover the events directly around you.

Part of the challenge of being the planner: Playing to everyone’s interests. We’ve been there. It’s why you can sort results by 18 different event types…and counting. See a complete view of all of your options, in one place, with one app.