Making the internet a better place takes the work of many

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At Zeitcaster, we publish community and event information that helps people discover, plan, and participate in events and activities near them.

On top of that? We’re building a culture of driven individuals who want to change the Internet, for the better — and do it on their own terms.

Our ability to share unbiased, accurate and diverse event data relies on our Zeditors: People like you who want to work from home with flexible hours, curating and entering comprehensive data for events that interest you in communities you care about.


We believe in doing one thing, and doing it better than anyone else. In our case, that’s giving people honest information about local events, and letting them make their own decisions about how they spend their time.

We believe social connections are crucial for happiness and health, and despite a world where we’re constantly “connected”, we’re lacking the true social connections that bring those benefits.

We believe our workforce is our strongest asset, and that people should be paid an honest wage for their work — while enjoying the autonomy to choose when and from where they get it done.

Great. Here’s what we’re looking for:

Current openings:

People who live in/are familiar with the area 100 miles around Berkshire County, Massachusetts

What you need:

Reliable internet connection: All of our data entry is done remotely

5-20 hours per week: You choose the hours you work!

Wide range of interests: Data entry can be exacting work, so we want you to love the subject matter you’re working with

What you’ll be working on:

List of Current Live Events

Pay: $15/hour

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